Wednesday, November 9, 2011

something to think about

Dreams are born every day. Dreams, grand and glorious, born from the ever-expanding Self. Dreams that fuel us to rise, urge us to move, sing us to sleep so we may dream even more. Dreams are what make the journey so thrilling, even when they seem to stall. Dreams really do come true.

There are some who fear the fulfillment of their dreams. They fear that once the dream is realized, they will have nothing more to live for. That after the box is opened, there will be nothing left to unwrap. What they do not seem to remember is that for every dream realized, a new dream is born. Because it is truly the nature of the Beast. We do not stop at one. There is always more to see, more to want, more to be.

And so, if dreams are born anew, ever and ever on, then it would seem that we will never have it all. And this, my friend, is a marvelous thing to know.

Kinda changes the face of the adage, eh?

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