Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pay Attention!

Doncha just love it when that miracle you've been looking for just shows up at yer door? Just like it was the easiest thing in the world? Like the gods are asking, "what were you waiting for? It was there all along."
Doncha just love that?

I do. I think it's about my all-time favorito thing ever. And every time it happens, I ask myself the same question:
"Why did you make it so hard?!"

Seems to me that miracles aren't nearly as hard to manifest as we make them out to be. Seems like we were actually wired to perform them. If you really think about it, we started as miracles, so why wouldn't we be able to do them too? Right?

Okay. Maybe I'm making light of all this because it always seems so easy in hindsight. Or because I knew all along it was going to happen, so it wasn't really all that amazing. But the truth is, it IS amazing and I get all gaga every time it happens. Clap my hands, dance like a crazy person, ya-hoooing all over the place. And yea, I even do the laugh-til-I-cry thing. All on account of my having focused so wholly, so purely, so tenaciously that there was no way the Universe wouldn't deliver.

I say we all outta get a clue on the miracle thing. J.C. wasn't the only one who could make magic happen ya know. And he even said so himself. So how come we're always asking, asking, asking for a miracle but never believe it's actually gonna happen? What's up with that anyway?

I'm here today to remind you once again:

Miracles happen.
All the time.
Ya just gotta pay attention.

The end.

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