Monday, October 31, 2011

Hally Happoween!

Holy Halloweenie! Can you believe it's the last day of October? Where oh where did the year go? I swannee, time just keeps flyin' on by. Does it feel like it's going faster to you too? Or is it just me? I'm all agog today, even a bit disoriented. Just cannot understand the speed with which the first 10 months of this year have flown. Am I reaching the end of the roll (ya know how toilet paper rolls seem to shrink faster at the end?)


I like to think that time is an illusion anyway. That all we really have is time...and then...we're gone to that Other Place where (I'm betting) there is no such thing as time. As my brother is fond of saying, "We have time and then we're dead." Nice, huh? That being the case, perhaps this whole "I can't believe it's Halloween!" thang is kinda moot, doncha think? So there a point here?

Well, as a matter of fact, there is! The point is, time is marching on. This is a good thing because if it weren't we'd be...ummmm....dead, right? And who wants dead? Really though, the point is, it doesn't really matter. The time part, that is. It doesn't matter because a) it's an illusion and b) it beats the alternative. I'd rather have time marching onward than not being here at all. At least for now. Which leads me to the real point (oh yea. those first two were teasers): the real point is that the only part of "time" that has anything to do with anything is the NOW part. The part where we are right here..right at this moment...right...NOW

I'm guessing you've heard that before too, huh? There's a whole lot of "living in the Now" stuff going 'round these days. Eckhart Tolle wasn't the first one to get on that band wagon. But he may well be responsible for the latest band of adventurers riding that wagon. The book was pretty good. (that would be "The Power of Now") and the next one was equally worthy of reading ("A New Earth"). Both spoke extensively on the topic of living in the Now...and both lent further perspectives on letting go of learned behaviors and unspoken limitations. He urged us to quiet the Ego, simplify our lives, and crack open the vault of Knowing. Simple, useful suggestions for anyone not quite thrilled with their current state of being.

I, for one, have found other means to the same end. My tools are varied and various, bold and bodacious, fun and funner. They are the tools I have hand-picked over many years of shopping for what suits me. Since they were gotten with me in mind, I shan't tell you they're tools you need to have. But...(always with the "but") I will say that it's worth the time it takes to gather your own. The ones that suit who you are, that will help you  build your House of Dreams. Whatever that means to you. Just remember: since time is an illusion, it doesn't really matter how "long" it takes for you to get there. Because, in the end, there is no there. There is only here.

How's that for a point?

Hally Happoween~

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