Thursday, September 22, 2011

what would it be like?

What would it be like if you lived your Life as a work of art?

Ever think about that?

Kinda puts a whole new twist on "masterpiece", huh?

Here's what I'm thinkin': I'm thinkin' that if we were to plant that little seed in our brains first thing in the morning, before we even stick one toe out of bed, the day would look a whole lot different. I'm thinkin' that were we to carry this idea around with us all the day through, each of those days would carry an entirely different hue. I'm thinkin' that if we practiced this idea for even just a few weeks (21 days?!), we might find that Life has taken on a whole new color. And...we might not be so keen to judge ourselves so harshly.

Do you suppose any of the great artists of our world would've become "great" had they stopped painting or sculpting or writing or dancing had they allowed their first works to daunt? Do you think that they painted or sculpted or danced that first piece and found it 'perfect'? Do you not suppose that they, too, had their moments of despair and disappointment at their utter lack of "talent" when they first began?

I'm thinkin' they all had those moments. And they kept doing what they did anyway. I'm thinkin' there were times when they wanted to throw themselves off a cliff (or cut off an ear) or step in front of a least a few times in their lives. And I'm also thinkin' that if it weren't for their indomitable passion, we'd not have any of the magnificent pieces we have today.

So what if we decided to look at Life that way too? What if we woke up every day and said, "Okay, you brilliant you will break out the easel and the paints and the brushes and paint the Life of your dreams. Today, no matter what else happens, you will stretch your imagination and get your hands dirty and laugh at the Meanies that try to dissuade you. You're going to create a masterpiece today. And tonight, when you lay your genius head on the pillow, you're going to be grateful for what you did....even if it looks like a piece of junk. Yes. Today will be a grand and glorious day to create a masterpiece."

What if?

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