Thursday, September 15, 2011

A dandy little trick (yes you can!)

There is no such thing as "ignore". It's really quite impossible to ignore something you just don't wanna think about. By virtue of the brain's wiring, it just won't work. The only way to actually "ignore" is to think about something else. IMMEDIATELY. Like this:

Let's say you have this monster pain-in-the-ass goin' on. Maybe you're in some kind of physical discomfort. Or you have a roommate or boyfriend or co-worker who just drives you up the wall. ('course, if it's your guy who's doing this, I'm wondering why you're still there. But that's a whole 'nother story....). there's this monster pain-in-the-ass goin' on and you're trying really, really, really hard to ignore the thing. But if you're saying to yourself, "I'm just gonna ignore this crap", you're still thinking about it, aren't ya? The ol' Catch 22. T'aint no fun at all, huh?

So what if...when this monster pain-in-the-ass shows up, you right quick switch gears. You do a literal about-face and think about something that makes you laugh or makes you happy to see or makes you giggle from the memory of it. It could be anything at all; it could be the way your dog does that happy dance when you walk through the door. Or the way your best friend always knows when to drop by with that super-delicious chocolate cake she makes just cuz she was thinking about you. Or maybe it was that time you went kayaking and saw all those whales with their brandy new babies. How 'bout that time you sat on the beach with your favorite person in the whole wide world and watched the sun blaze the sky as it settled for the day, after which you walked to the nearby sushi bar and ate yourself into bliss and drank a gallon of sake.

You get the point.

Doesn't matter what it is, just think about something, anything that floats your boat. You must have something that comes to mind, right? If you can train yourself to do that, instead of trying to "ignore" whatever it is that's got you all in a huff, you can (and will) eventually see that icky crap disappear outta your life. Entirely. Not kidding. If you think I'm nutso over here, you are mistaken. Just try it. Next time something pops up that you want to ignore, stop for ONE SECOND...and think of something supergroovycool. See what happens.

Go 'wan. Give it a try. 

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Merry ME said...

What a grand idea!
I think I'm gonna try it!