Tuesday, June 28, 2011

trust the process....

Word was if I would just stay the course, I'd feel the tipping point. I'd reach that little milestone that would tell me I'd shifted. I would feel it, as one might feel a fever break.

Turns out, they were right. Contrary to popular belief, when such things happen, there are no grand angelic choruses or spine-tingling Ah-HAAAs. It's more like the moment just after the sun breaks over the horizon. You can sit there, watching the kaleidoscopic colors wash across the sky for those few minutes just before the sun rises...but when it does, it's nowhere near as stunning as the moments that preceded the rising. A bit of a let-down, if you choose to see it that way.

I don't.

For me, that tiny shift was just as spectacular as the moments leading up to it. It was an enormous sigh....of relief and of awareness. I felt it happen...and then I watched as everything in my world changed. The calm around me. The out-of-nowhere kindnesses of a person who had never once shown any hint of kindness. The smiles from strangers. The flow of revenues. The easing of my physical being. The deeper sleep. The taste of the tomatoes. All of it was heightened like never before.

All because I trusted the process. All because I knew that if I stopped taking count and just let stuff go the way it was meant to go it would bear the fruits of that trust. And now, as I sit and feel the calm that has washed over my world, I am in awe of the splendors that surround me. The sounds and aromas and even the taste of a simple glass of coke (which is, in itself, quite the rarity as I hardly ever drink the stuff!). Bruzer lazes at my feet and the sounds of my fountain gurgling on my desk make me grin like the Cheshire. I feel more alive than I've felt in eons. And all I did was trust.

Ain't that a HOOT?!

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