Thursday, June 16, 2011

P-O-O-F! Gone in a flash...

It seems impossible that two weeks have passed. Actually, 16 days. That is, since I was last here. I know, I know. Not the most consistent Being in the world. What can I tell ya? I am what I am...and sometimes that includes straying from the routine. Keeps things fresh, doncha think?

So I shan't apologize or make excuses. Yes, I've had some stuff going on; some of it great fun, some not so much. But that's got nothing to do with the lapse. excuses. Point is, sometimes it is good for this Being to step away and do other stuff. And so...I have.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's move on to the day's meanderings, shall we?

So there has been a whole lot of energy moving at what seems to me to be a very high speed. Like today, when I went downstairs to brew my coffee, and got a glimpse of the calendar and saw it was Thursday...I stopped to think about what might've happened to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. WHUT THE....???? After regaining my footing, I carried on with the brewing and looked outside to see 2 magnificent Red Tails (hawks) riding the currents just outside the window. A smile crept onto my mugg as I thought, "bet they don't give a rip about what day it is." Just then, Bruzer came flying through the door, slid his way into the kitchen and looked up as if to say, "it is FABULOUS out there today! Did ya get a load of those ginormous birds?!" More smiling...and a big ol' belly laugh. Guess he doesn't give a rip about what day it is either.

While I waited for the coffee, I stepped outside and let the mist of the morning tickle my skin. I felt the dew under my bare feet and heard another chorus of birds doing their morning thang. I walked over to my favorite rose bush and saw 4 new buds about to burst. Made my way over to the veggie garden and almost jumped for joy at the sight of new tomatoes on the vine. Oh how I love home-grown tomatoes. I got lost in a world of smells and sounds and imagined tastes...and then I smelled the coffee. Literally. Coffee was ready to pour and puppies wanted to be fed. Back to the kitchen...and little tasks.

Before long I realized that I'd begun my day with a start. I was a bit unnerved by some ickiness that'd been bugging me for a while. Couldn't seem to shake that crap, no matter what I tried. Then, without warning, by mere virtue of being in the moment...and watching those birds and my dog and all the other splendors of a new day, I had inadvertently let go of that ick. It poofed into the dew and disappeared with the sun's warmth. Gone. Gone. Gone.

Ain't Life a T-R-I-P?

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