Sunday, May 29, 2011

Forever? No thanks.

When all is said and done, the whole death thing is as illusory as life. Consider that we start as a smear of fluid. Really. That's it. A little egg and a little sperm hook up inside the warm, wet womb and before you know it, a baby begins to form. From fluid. The miracle of this biological phenomenon is not being undermined here. Personally, I think it's utterly astonishing. But the fact remains that human life begins as a smear of fluid. The moment that human comes forth into the world, it begins its journey back round the, death, life, death. There can be no life without the death part. Just how it goes. So why do we make such a big deal about it? What is it about dying that terrifies us so?

Maybe we just haven't yet evolved enough to realize that there is no death. Not really. I could there be? Are we not Energy in the form of flesh? Are we not ENERGY? Even if you know nothing about physics, you must know that energy cannot be destroyed. Transformed, yes. Destroyed, no. Energy just cannot be killed. So...again...why do we fear this thing we call death?

In the course of the many teachings I have explored, I came upon a certain group of teachers who are quite fond of making fun of death. They use the word “croak” instead. They tease and poke and make light of what they call “your death experience”. Because they know that there is no such thing. They know that Source Energy is Source Energy and it cannot die. We are extensions of that Energy. So then...we cannot die. We leave these mostly-water vessels and move back into that Whole, but we do not die. Hard to fathom?


But when news arrives that someone is “dying”, there are only two paths from which to choose (near as I can tell anyway). Either to dread the process and pray on calloused knees to a god who neither hears nor answers (why is it that people only pray when the shit hits the fan?) OR we can trust this process of Life and revel in the moments we have. Ever notice how when folks have those near-death experiences they live ever more fully? Ever notice how it is precisely the brush with “death” that brings the Life force flowing like a raging river?

Me too.

I suppose the most challenging part of all this is having to deal with all the others who do not hold such beliefs. It is challenging because they want to draw you into their drama; they want to see you as miserably fearful as they are. And when you do not join in the dance, they get all pissed off. What do you mean there is no death? She's dying for Pete's sake!

Yea. Yea. I know.

It's hard. All the way round. To be sure, the “dying” one will be sorely missed. It's just not the same when they're not there to hold or hug or hang out with. I am quite familiar with this transition. But I also know that none of those who have changed form have left me. They are not gone. They have not “passed away” (that one really cracks me up. Passed away to ...where?). I guess you could say that all this chatter is a bit irreverent. No apologies shall be offered. I have my beliefs just as you have yours. I am in no way attempting to change your way of thinking. I'm simply offering a less-than-usual perspective so that maybe when that moment comes and you get some kind of deathly news you might not be so terrified. After you really think you're gonna be in that body forever?

I've heard forever is a mighty long time.

I don't know about you, but I don't fancy living in this bag of water forever. For now, it's a pretty terrific experience. But forever???

No thanks.

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