Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's NOT a Secret!

I remember when the movie "The Secret" was first released. My dear sister-friend called to tell me about this "amazing movie that just shook my whole world". She was beside herself with excitement. (ever wondered how you can be "beside yourself"? that one always cracks me up.) She went on for nearly an hour about this movie and then said, "Don't buy it. I'm sending it to you TODAY."

So I waited. With great anticipation. And on the day it arrived I cleared my calendar, turned off the phones, and sat down with a bowl of popcorn to watch the movie that she'd said would "likely change your life".

Now, some years later, I can still recall the thrill I had while watching. Not all the folks who participated had an impact on me. In fact, there was only one who really made the hair on my neck stand upright. It was Esther (Hicks) whose voice reached me. There was something about what she was relaying that really struck a chord in me. And, at the very end, when she said, "Welcome to Planet Earth....", I had tears rolling down my face and a smile wide enough to span the Grand Canyon.

Shortly thereafter, a different friend sent me a recording of one of the Hicks' workshops. She did not know I'd seen "The Secret", nor did she know that I was more than curious about what the Hicks' were doing. She'd been given the recording by her sister and thought it might be something I'd enjoy.

She was right.

I remember thinking, "WOW! How cool is this?! Right outta the blue..."

But, of course, I knew it wasn't outta the blue. I knew it was because I'd been thinking about it so much that I "brought it into my experience" without even a hint of effort. That's how it works. No trying. No working. No struggling. Just focused thought...with a whole lotta emotion...and PRESTO! Whatever it is, it just shows up!

As I continued listening and reading and researching (and having a ball the whole while), I heard something that really got my attention. That was: "Do not be surprised if you find this a bit of a lonely road. There are not yet many others who understand these Laws. But do not despair. The path you are now walking is going to lead you to the Life you came here to live."

They were right. There are not many who follow these teachings; that is to say, not many compared to the numbers who follow other teachings. More often than not, when I speak of these wonders, I am met with great resistance and a whole bunch of "what in the world are you talking about???". Folks just don't realize that we're really talking about the same things. Mostly, it's a matter of semantics. They use different words and practice different rites. But in all, it's pretty much the same thing.

With one major difference.

Those who believe in a particular "religious" tenet have this very strong belief that "God" is a separate entity. They usually give this god a gender (mostly "He") and believe that "He" has total control of their lives. Their only job is to "obey"...and then, one day, they'll get to join "Him" in some heaven way up in the sky.

I suppose that has always been my biggest aversion to religious tenets. I guess I was just born with a very strong sense of Self. Or maybe I just never much cared for the idea that my Life was in someone else's hands. Or maybe I just didn't (and still don't!) like the idea of having to wait til this Life is over to enjoy the fruits of my "obedience". I used to argue that if this God was so All-Knowing and All-Powerful, why would "he" be so vengeful and jealous and indifferent? It just never made any sense to me. Even when I was a kid.

I don't argue about it any more. I don't even talk about it unless asked. I simply immerse myself in the Knowing that none of it really matters. The ONLY thing that matters is that I live in Joy every single day. That's it. Joy. Not fear. Not worry. Not doubt. Just JOY. Because, in the end, the only thing we're taking with us when we check out is the Energy we came with. We started out as Joy. We'll leave the same way. And "wherever" it is we go from here remains to be seen. In the interim, there is no point in arguing about it. Because, as I have learned, the more you argue, the more the other person just digs in. The quintessential Tug-of-War. Nobody wins. And, really, it just does not matter.

The most beautiful thing about having Knowledge is using better our lives, to make each day worth living, to spread the Joy wherever we go. And regardless of what those beliefs are, you can be sure of one thing:

It is YOUR Life to live. Nobody gets to tell you HOW. It's all your doing.

Doncha just love knowing that?


Janice said...

I enjoyed your blog, such a positive vibe! Keep up the good writings!

Cat In The Rain said...

I love this! If you liked the secret you should listen to David Hamilton's lecture "Secrets and Rules for Attracting What you Want". He shares really funny tips and tricks for keeping up a joyful, positive attitude to make your life go in the direction you want : )

Bella Mia said...

Thanks Camille...I too like Abraham. Here is a link of part of a workshop by the Hicks's I'm thinking that you will like the song at the end of the video...
Hugs, Sheila