Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes, You Matter!

Isn't it funny how things show up precisely when you need them to? You could be wallowing in a pit of despair, overwhelmed by all kinds of ICK, and suddenly WHAMMO!...something pops in and pulls you right outta there. Cool stuff.

Recently, whether because of some planetary mumbo-jumbo or hormonal nonsense, there seems to have been this cloud of crabbiness hovering. No matter how much I've done to distract myself, there it still is: hovering darkly like those awesome thunderclouds that are so prevalent on hot summer days (yea. it's still summer here). Although I admit to having a fondness for thunderstorms, I am not so fond of the clouds without the rest of the show. Either gimme the storm or move on thankyouverymuch.

So when the clouds are a-hoverin' and the storm is not forthcoming, it gets a bit irritating. Thus has been the nature of things for the past few weeks. Hence my absence. I do NOT write here unless I have something joyful to share. (why do ya think it's called "JoyZAChoice"?!). This, in itself, is a source of ick for me (that is to say, NOT writing). I love to write and share the joy and offer up stuff that might make YOUR day a bit more joyful. When I'm 'stuck' and cannot do this thing I love, it makes for some very unpleasant moments.

And then....somebody shows up and tells me how much my 'stuff' makes their day. They tell me that I make their lives better for having shared these meanderings. They send me virtual hugs. And I can feel the love flowing outta my screen into my heart. It's such an incredible feeling.

Just like that, the ICK goes away. I am reminded, once again, just how blessed I am. I am reminded that even when it feels as if I'm doing "nothing", I am, in fact, doing SOMETHING. Something good and hopeful and affective. I am, for all intents and purposes, providing someone with yet another reason to live the joy that is their life. How can it get any better than THAT?

I tell you all this because you matter. You, the Being reading this right now, matter to me. You probably also matter to lots of other people, even if they don't tell you or you don't 'know' it. You MATTER. Your presence on this lovely Planet makes a difference to this writer and to a host of others whose lives you touch. Please remember this. Please don't ever underestimate the importance of your existence. Because even when it feels like you're all alone on some icy, barren island, there is someone, somewhere, who is counting on YOU. This is not a burden. Rather, it is the most precious of gifts. That your presence makes someone else's life the greatest gift of all.

I wish you much joy and many moments of appreciation. Oh yea....and a whole boat load of giggles.


3 comments: said...

Something inside myself told me that i should read your blog today....


You are a piece of sunshine!

Connie Baum said...

Love your joyful spirit and your authenticity!

As a matter of fact, I AM having a beeyoooteeefull day and this post is only part of why.

Why don't you come by later and we can play in the leaves in the front yard? They are dropping as if it's raining leaves in the autumn sun and wind of Nebraska.

I'll see ya later...

Mother Connie

manuel said...

We want to read more from you! You make us feel great!
Thank you