Wednesday, August 25, 2010

resistance is futile

"resistance is futile". probably one of the scariest phrases i'd ever heard back when Jean Luc Picard was running the Starship Enterprise. used the scare the bejeebers outta me when the Borgs would show up. scary scary scary. then there was the episode where the great Captain Picard was turned into one. omigod! i'm tellin' ya, that stuff used to creep me out. but i was glued. mostly cuz i was in love with ol' Jean Luc. sexy to the core.

anyway...that was a long time ago. still i recall those words and now, i'm happy to say, they mean something entirely different. 

"resistance is futile". 

so true. 

but now, the reason it isn't scary anymore is because i know some things i didn't know then.

like how much ickier life is when you push against stuff.
like how much it hurts you when you do.
like how the less you resist, the more you flow.
kinda like water.
put a bunch of rocks and sticks and crap in the river and watch how the water slows.
pull that stuff aside, and watch how it flows MORE.
life is kinda the same way.

the more we resist, no matter what it is, the less we flow. when we remove the junk, and just let things be, especially those things over which we have ZERO control, the more we are free to flow with life instead of pushing against it. funny part? it's really not that hard to do. in fact, it's pretty darned easy.

now, as most of us have already learned, hindsight is always 20/20. it's so much easier to see things after the fact, yes? which is why folks who've been around for a few decades tend to be a bit more easy going than those who are still making their first trips around the sun. that is, if they've had any semblance of consciousness to begin with. i like to think so. sure, there are those who go their entire lives with nary a conscious thought. but i don't pay much attention to those folks. serves no good purpose to focus on that. more and more it's clear that whatever i focus on is precisely what i get more of. so...

as a life-time warrior princess, i know a thing or two about pushing against. i know how to wage war and win. i know how to start a fight and walk away pretty much intact. i also know that the amount of energy needed to win said wars is not worth it. it is far easier (and much more pleasant) to live as a peaceful warrior. therein lies the secret to the futility of resistance.

know what i mean?

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Connie Baum said...

Yup. I know.

Pushing keeps the joy from reaching us. It can keep us from the lessons life has for us.

So. When will your next book be ready, Miss Joy?

Mother Connie