Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Soul Will Not Be Denied

It never ceases to amaze me; this aversion to change that we, as puny humans, have. Why is that? Why do we fight so hard to remain where and who and how we are? What is it that makes change so danged scary? 

Just think about it. We 'start out' as a smear of body fluids. Two different fluids that come together to create 'new life'. Then, as these fluids converge and incubate, they become a mass of actual tissue. And then...a 'being' with toes and fingers and organs and such. Without 'change', those fluids could never become the physical beings that come forth into the world. And from conception to birth...and beyond...change is the only constant. The alternative? DEATH.

{and that's a whole 'nother story. but we don't need to go there right now.}

Anyway, the whole 'change' thing is really the mystery here. Or rather, why so many folks are averse to it. Without change all the world would cease. Without change, we would never experience all the loveliness and excitement and bliss of growth. Even when it seems so painful, change is essential to our ongoing evolution. We MUST change if we are to live. Really live. Change is the yeast required for expansion. Change is the only constant. Change is....L-I-F-E.

Maybe the reason we resist change so much has more to do with attitude than anything else. Were we to see change through our child's eye instead of our stodgy curmudgeon's eye we might not be so frightened. Tell a child about some new adventure they're about to begin, and they get all kinds of excited. Tell an "adult" the same thing, and they cringe in their skin. 


Funny thing is, even when we don't like where we are, we're still averse to change. We'd rather stay in the familiar ickiness than explore the unknown.

How's that again?

Seems to me there's something very disturbing about this aversion to change. It is unnatural to want to 'stay' where we are. It is simply not the way things work. Change is essential to evolution. On all kinds of levels. Change is not something that need be feared, but embraced. It is the Life Force in action. It is what allows us to become who we came here to become. In short, it is the Soul's way of telling us that It will not be confined. The Soul speaks of change as the Sun speaks of warmth. The Soul knows that it must expand, continually, else it returns to the Ethers from whence it came. The Soul will not be denied.

There is a marvelous surge of powerful energy that comes when one opts to not merely accept change but to actually invite it. To say out loud: YES! It is time for a change. Let's get to it!

When one approaches change from this perspective, everything becomes more alive, more exciting, more MORE. And the beautiful thing about this perspective is that it allows one to address the emotional pieces beforehand. It allows for the child's emergence. It makes the whole experience an adventure rather than a dreaded 'task'. It is, to this Changeling, the thrill of the ride we came here for. 

So why fight it? Why be afraid? Change is what Life is all about. I say, seize the chance to change! It's really the funnest thing of all!

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anarodriguez_89@hotmail.com said...

Dear Camille, You know i love what you write.
I just waant to tell you that i cannot agree with you more, in fact I think my body react to the non-change perspective with a migraine attack. I hate those moments couse my body doesn t answer me, and that s awful.
Thanks for make me think again abouth change.