Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YOU First!

Not sure how it happened, but somehow I've gone from daily postings to .... weekly???!!! What the...#!%@??? Well...a few things have shown up that suddenly slapped me awake. One of them being that I finally saw just how much some of those 'social networks' can really mess with your whole groove. It gets to be this kind of addiction...like you have to check in and see who's got what going on. Something else? It is SO not me. I've never been into ongoing dramas or soap operas or the latest gossip crap. So what's with the social network thang?, I asked myself. And sooooo....

I've taken a good, honest look at a whole bunch of stuff. Rather than being all harsh and impatient with myself, I've chosen to be gentle about it. Just have a look, Honey. Don't be pointing fingers or chastising yourself. Just have a look.

There was a time when this kind of observation was impossible for me. I was far too judgmental about it. And wayyyyyyy too hard on myself. No longer. Nowadays, I have made the promise (to myself) to be "impeccable with my word".

{Aside: from the book, "The Four Agreements", by Don Miguel Ruiz. Pretty cool stuff. And a super short read. Take what you will, and leave the rest.}

Being impeccable with one's word is all about being KIND to one's self. Being as gentle with one's self as you might be with an infant. Gentle. Loving. Kind. Patient. Using your words to love who you are...and then (you can) love the rest of the world. Your words have so much power. I've known this for eons. And I've said it in at least a hundred articles/postings/etc. over the course of the last several years. Here it is again:

Your words are your WAND.

Many of us have no trouble at all being kind to others. Some folks find it easier to be kind to strangers, but not so much to those closest to them. Another one of those things I've never really understood. But that's not the point. The point is, most folks find it pretty easy to be kind to anyone but themselves. And that, my friend, is one very good lesson to learn. There is far too much contradicting energy going on when we are kind to others but not ourselves. Kinda gives me this image of one of those big score boards....where points get cancelled out. Kind of a negation of good deeds. What I'm trying to say (albeit in a back-assedward kinda way) is that you must start your kindnesses with YOUR SELF. It's not about being narcissistic. It's about HONORING the YOU that is you. It's about filling your own cup so you can fill someone else's. It's about putting the oxygen mask over your face so you'll be conscious to put one over your child's face.


This is a very challenging lesson for many. It's been one of my biggest. And I was always pretty self-centered (as a child. Me. Me. Me.). But I didn't know the difference between "getting my way" and "serving myself". There's a mighty big difference between the two, ya know?

So then...the result of all this investigating is this:

I WILL write daily. Because I love to write. Because it serves others. Because it is what makes me feel that I'm using the gifts I have been bestowed and wish to honor those gifts. I shall no longer disrespect the time I've been granted to use these gifts. And I will honor who I am...right now and into the days that come...because I DO matter.

And so do YOU.

'nuff said.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm with you all the way Sistah!
All the way...and The Four Agreements is an outstanding book...I read it a looooong time ago but should read it again 'just because!'

Loving You and Me! Honoring You and Me! Respecting You and Me!

Blessings Bella! :)