Thursday, June 3, 2010

What It Means to be Impeccable with Your Word

One of my favorite mantras is 'your words are your wand'. I've said this (and practiced it) for years. I write about it often. And I do my best to remember just how powerful my words are so as not to use them maliciously. I'm not always successful in this endeavor, particularly when I'm feeling threatened or fearful. But more and more I'm honing this skill; one of the ways I do this is to remind myself that while impeccability may be innate (contrary to popular belief), it is also something that most of us have forgotten.

The word 'impeccable' comes from the Latin 'in', which means 'without' and 'peccare', which means 'to sin'. So to be impeccable would then mean 'to be without sin'.

I could go on and on about the whole idea of sin, but I won't. My beliefs are my own and I have no desire to infringe. Let's just say that I don't really believe in 'sins' as defined by the Christian bible. I do, however, believe in the Golden Rule...and have learned that whatever I do/say/think about anyone else is a direct reflection on ME. Whatever I put out is coming back. Period. I call it The Boomerang Effect.'s not hard to see how the Golden Rule, as simple as it sounds, is about the only one ya need. Everything else kinda falls under this one simple idea:


Easy? Not always. Doable? Yes indeedy. IF you take the time to think before you act (or speak). Which leads us back to the topic at hand:

What it means to be impeccable with your word.

Sound is energy. Energy never dissipates. It may be transformed, but it never dissipates. Basic science here. Think about the atom bomb. Same same. (not necessarily the best analogy, but you get the point.) So if sound is energy, and we use this energy to form words, those words must then be energy...yes? Pretty basic stuff. Prayers, mantras, chants, etc., are all examples of this. We've seen it over and over, especially of late. People gathering together to meditate and/or pray for the healings of our planet. Or for the people who are suffering great tragedies by way of the many 'natural disasters' that seem to be coming faster and harder than ever before. These things are not coincidences. They are messages from our Great Mother, asking us to pay attention and change our ways. It is Her energy...more powerful than anything we can control, despite our technological advances. Technology is not match for Mother. And there is much to learn from this....

When we stop long enough to monitor our thoughts, before releasing the words, we have afforded ourselves the choice: kindness or not. If we unleash those words unkindly, that energy is released into the Great Void. At some point it WILL come back. Boomerang. So any unkind words you cut loose are gonna come right back to YOU. In short, ANY unkindness is a form of self-punishment. You're doing it to YOUR SELF. Is that how you want to be treated? Would you treat your child that way? Or your best friend? Why is it that we can be kind to other people, and not to ourselves?

To be impeccable with your word is the kindest thing you can do FOR YOUR SELF. By treating one's Self with kindness, we can then share that kindness with the world. Kind people attract kind people. Happy people attract happy people. Loving people attract loving people. It is only when we lose sight of this that things go awry. It's got nothing to do with bad luck or happenstance. It's got everything to do with energy out...and energy back. It is one of the most fundamental laws of the Universe.

Perhaps all this comes to fore right now because I've seen just how much things can far things can go when I don't mind my words. The moment I forget, all manner of ickiness comes 'round to bite me. When I remember, all the ickiness disappears. Simple as that. How I use my words directly impacts how I live my life. I've chosen to live it with kindness as my foundation. And while I may not yet be completely 'impeccable', I'm a lot closer than I was before I read those beautiful words.

P.S. This all stems from the book, "The Four Agreements", by Don Miguel Ruiz. A short and very simple little book that can be read in under an hour. Just in case you haven't read it yet.


Sorrow said...

I am not sure why, but this made me think of people who wield there words well, but their actions say a whole different story...
They are kind with their words, but their actions speak of a deep indifference. Know any of these?

AkasaWolfSong said... bring such joy to me and to others I just know that. I love your Impeccable speaks of you and holds your energy Sister Love!
The Four Agreements is a phenominal is the Author Ruiz a phenominal Spiritual Being.
I just located my book after searching for it as I want to reread it again.
Thanks for this light you shed...

Blessings Always Dear Heart!