Sunday, March 28, 2010

a word on courage

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It keeps coming up. From all around me. People keep 'telling' me about my courage. About how 'brave' I am. Personally, I don't really look at it that way. To me, it's merely a matter of choosing between love and fear. Or rather, taking the fear and turning it into love. A sort of transmutation.

Truth is, most of us do the same thing. We choose. Sadly, all too often we choose fear. You can balk all you want. But just take a moment and think about it. Those icky feelings in your gut. The stress that seems to be ever-present. The worry when 'something' happens that puts you in doubt.

All that?


I'm not saying it's an 'easy' thing to do. But it's pretty clear that we have the choice. When we face our fears and see them for what they are, we can transmute them into love. They're there to help us. Not paralyze us.

(my personal fave:)

Anyway...I have this quote on my wall that I took from one of my favorite books (Another Roadside Attraction, by Tom Robbins). I read that quote every day to remind myself that there is NOTHING I cannot face and, more importantly, turn to my advantage. All fears are learned. Some came from a long, long time ago. Others more recently. Either way, it became quite apparent to me that in order for me to transmute said fears (into love) I must see them as nothing more than learned beliefs that I can change. Since they are learned behaviours, it would seem they can also be unlearned. And so, little by little, one moment at a time, I do. I look them square in the 'eye' and ask, "what do you want?". Answers always come. ALWAYS.

So then...that quote:

"You risked your life, but what else have you ever risked? Have you ever risked disapproval? Have you ever risked a belief? There is nothing particularly courageous about risking one's life. So you lose it. You go to your hero's heaven and everything is milk and honey til the end of time, right? You get your reward and suffer no earthly consequences. That's not courage.

Real courage is risking something you have to keep on living with.
Real courage is risking something that might force you to rethink your thoughts.
And suffer change.
And stretch consciousness.
REAL courage is risking one's cliches."

Carry on, you splendid Being of Love!
You DO have the live your life exactly as you wish.
What's YOUR choice?

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Bravo Bella! Bravo!

Sounds like a wonderful book! :)

Wishing you and me the courage to meet whatever comes our way!


I have been thinking of this all week-end with my Grandson being with his father...I decided to look at the situation with positive intent that I would send out healing to him instead of anger and fear...(the father) as I will not give this man any more power than he already has. I stand in stead for Firekeeper and myself for protection from the Source of All Love, and send that Love forth to intervene on Firekeeper's behalf...I feel much calmer and more at peace.

Now I'm sending out Blessings to You! :)