Sunday, November 15, 2009

cosmic timing ~

The timing of the Cosmos...such a marvelous thing, doncha think? Forget about clocks and all that jazz. I'm talking about timing. Not time. Near as I can tell, we, in our 'puny human form', view time as something to fight. Get there on time. How much time will it take to...? I don't have enough time. I'm out of time. Time is flyin' by. Time is standing still. Time is....

A very linear way of looking at 'time'. But me thinks it's more of an illusion than anything else. A trick our mind plays on us...and keeps us prisoners to the ever-ticking clock.

So that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about in everything unfolding precisely as it is meant to unfold. Even when we think it's not 'happening' fast enough...or when we want it to happen. Whatever "it" is. It is a great source of frustration for many. Just another stress factor...(or should that read "fracture"?) Just one more little thorn that festers under the skin, causing great pain and infection. But TIMING is another thing entirely.

Think about the best comedians. It's their timing that makes them so funny. And then there's music. The rests...the pauses in between notes are just as important to the beauty of the music..the message of the the actual notes themselves. Timing. And then there's dance. When one witnesses that perfect dance, whether it be a tango or a freaky hip hop thang, the TIMING is what makes that dance spectacular...or not. Timing.

And then...there's the timing of the cosmos. The Big Rhythm. The Ultimate Dance. The Sweetest Sway of the Tides. It's that seamless timing that, when allowed, is devoid of disappointment and irritation. The ever-flowing, resistant-free, life-growing rhythm that makes each moment a dance, should we choose to step out on the dance floor. The short of it is this:

Everything is EXACTLY as it should be, EXACTLY when it should be.

Once we not only accept this, but allow it...everything about our lives changes....dramatically. And we begin to feel the rhythms that are our own. Those perfect beats that are tuned to our hearts...without reservation or angst.

It is the Timing of The One.


Connie Baum said...

Ah, it's all about letting go of control, then, isn't it?

I meant to let go...and then YOU waltzed into my life.

Timing IS everything.

Well, and so is LOVE.

I love you.
Mother Connie

Michele Eigler said...

When my father died suddenly long ago I struggled to understand why and make sense of it. As I have gotten older I've come to understand that it was just his time, simple as that. Life is so much easier when you can try to understand the big picture.