Monday, October 5, 2009

a note from the Universe~

The following excerpt is from Mike Dooley's "Notes From The Universe" Book 2. Mike is one of my ... heroes...cuz he really has a way of saying stuff differently...and with humor. Love that part. Anyway, I want to share this with ya...just cuz it's cool. And perhaps, perfectly appropriate for where you are right now.

OK. Let's say you're walking through the woods. All alone, miles from home, just minding your own business and lost in your own wondrous thoughts. Then suddenly, from absolutely nowhere, a huge grizzly bear literally "appears" on the path just a short distance in front of you, rears up on its hind legs, towering 10 feet tall, waving both fore paws high in the air over its head, and roars unendingly. Immediately you see his large white teeth, his claws slicing the air, feel the heat from his breath in the cool morning air, and you feel your whole body spasm with fear as if you'd just been electrocuted. Nanoseconds seem like eernity. Your mind wants to shut down, but suddenly you regain control of the moment. Your adrenaline is pumping, your muscles are primed, and your heart is racing. Your instincts confrim what you feel in your heart. This "thing" is mad! It's scared! It wants to destroy you! What do you do next?

Freeze frame.

OK. Now let's say you're living your normal, everyday life. For the most part, you're a happy camper. Then suddenly, from absolutely nowhere, a huge bill appears. An important relationship stands on the brink of ruin. Your career of umpteen years is horribly threatened. Or you just plain can't seem to break through to "more". More of everything; abundance, health or harmony. You're perplexed. You're angry. You're terrified. How? Why you? What gives? Your mind races. You want to put out the fires, throw a fit, wring a neck and rail against an unfair world and the idiots who take you for granted. What do you do next?

Freeze frame.

Do you see the similarities?

Do you see how engaging your 'beasts', whether you fight of flee, only strengthens them and lures you further into their spell? That when facing a crisis or a challenge, the thing to do is be still, go within, turn your attention away from it? The exact opposite of what 'common sense' would have you do.

Easy? No.
Life saving? Yes.

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