Tuesday, August 11, 2009

and speaking of choices....

Got to thinking about how much I write about all this wonderfully phoofey stuff. I mean, it's not that it's forced or even hard to maintain. Fact is, it's pretty easy. It's how I choose to view my world. and, for the most part, it's precisely what makes my world as lovely as it is.

But here's the other side of that coin: sometimes there are still very loud urgings (whispers at high decibel levels) hollerin' for me to step outside that warm and fuzzy box. YO!!! HOW 'BOUT YOU LIGHTEN UP A BIT THERE, TOOTS!

So the other day, as I was listening to this banging on the walls, I thought, 'ya know, it'd be fun to do something entirely outside your norm. How 'bout you let that screaming banshee out to play.'

What resulted is a new 'project' of sorts; it's a new blog called

Chin Hairs & Other Nasty Surprises:
How To Age Like Sophia Loren ... OR ... Humour in lieu of night cream

Yea. I know. It's a long name for a blog. I don't care. I'm pulling out all the stops (rules) and just letting whatever wants to come...come! So if you want to see another slice of Camille (actually, this one would have to be by Taloula, cuz she's so much funnier than Camille....ug-oh...there's those voices again...), then click on the link (just a few lines up...see it?) and have a gander.

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