Friday, August 14, 2009

Being the little word freak that I am, I took pause to look up the word 'synchronicity'. Turns out, the word comes from Jungian theory (who knew?!) to describe "a coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, as an explanatory principle on the same order as causality."

First thing I thought was, 'gee. I don't believe in coincidence. Maybe I ought not use this word so much.' Then I got to thinking about how sometimes I really do take things a bit too literally (gee. ya think?) Because as often as not, I make up my own words to suit my needs. It's my right as a writer and a Creative Being and an irreverent little imp. I do not apologize for such things.

The next thing that popped into my early-morning brain was 'well, regardless of definitions, how many people even know this? and who cares? what's the big deal?'. So...I give you all this first because it just so happens that even though I don't believe in coincidence (or luck or accidents), I do believe that there is a marvelous timing to the way things work in this crazy-but-oh-so-orderly Universe. Who cares what you call it? could be Magick for all I know. {Magick = Miracles = Cosmic Order = YouGetThePicture, right?)

Anyhooooo ~ I got on the whole synchronicity thing because of something that happened a couple of days ago. As you already know, I finally published my book {WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!} and I've been quite busy with all manner of networking, marketing/shouting-from-rooftops, etc., since the day it was released. Since I'm doing this without an agent/big-time-publisher/etc., the game is all mine. And, this being the case, it's up to me to reach out to as many people as I can think of to spread the word and sell my book. So, I wrote a little letter to someone who has this marvelous site called "The Daily Love". He's a really terrific guy with grand visions and a heart the size of the the Grand Canyon. I've been subscribing to his Daily Love messages for well over 2 years. They're those little snippets of inspiration that make for a good start to your day. So I wrote him this note to tell him about my book and ask him to have a read. In very short order I got a message back...only this one was from his direct email (not the biz one) which also included his phone number (how freakin' cool is that?!). Of course, being all brazen and such, I called him. Turns out the quote I used at the very beginning of my book is HIS! He uses a pen name (which I did not know) and happens to be working on his own book about intuition. Go figure.

After a 30 minute chat, in which he asked a zillion questions, we hung up the phone with his promise to finish the book and get back to me about the possibility of doing a promo or some such. I'm over-the-top thrilled. The fact that it was his quote...well, that's just weird. The second fact that he actually has his own project going on (with this intuition thing) is even more weird. But that he gave me his number so I could phone him...well...what can a gal say?

I think this whole synchronicity thing is just pure Magick. I love how stuff shows up at precisely the right moment, even when I think the moment is long overdue. It just goes to show ya...the Universe knows exactly what "the right moment" is...and when I stop watching the clock and the calendar...and let go of linear expectations...everything seems to work out perfectly.

Go figure.

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