Monday, August 10, 2009

In the words of Abe Lincoln, "every man has the right to be as happy or as miserable as he chooses".

Wise words indeed. It appears that Mr. Lincoln knew about choices, in varying degrees, and chose himself to exercise said choices over and over (even to his demise). The 'argument' of the day is: Joy versus Misery. Which is the better choice?

As simple (and perhaps, silly) as this may sound, it's quite surprising to see just how many people choose misery. But the question is why? Is it something we are programmed to do? Or perhaps, somewhere along the way we have forgotten we have the choice at all? Following are this writer's opinions on the merits of choosing Joy:
Joy is our natural state of Being. We are born with joyful hearts and know instinctively that Joy is our birthright. In the image of our Maker, we came forth to this Earth to live our Joy as an expression of our Maker's Joy.

Joy alleviates stress.

Joy never makes you feel Icky. (I am allowed to take creative license; it's part of my Joy.)

Joy is the cure for all malady, regardless of severity or diagnoses. Joy can literally eradicate dis-ease. (proven fact!)

Joy is more fun than misery. Don't believe me? Just spend one day in each "place". A full 24 hours in Joy, and then 24 more in Misery. See which one is more fun.

Joy does not require money, compromise, immoral or illegal action, or the selling of your soul to the devil. It's free and available whenever you wish. 24/7/365.

Joy is easier on the psyche and the spirit. It allows for more of Who-You-Really-Are to surface.

Joy greatly diminishes the advancement of the aging process (as in 'frown marks', gray hairs, lethargy, lack of elan, loss of libido, etc.)

Joy greatly increases the production of endorphins (you know, those marvelous little peptide hormones that make you feel so good?)

Joy is contagious (in the very best way!)

On the flip side of said argument ~ Misery:

Misery loves company. Problem is, the company is miserable too. Gee. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Misery is a stress factory. One ounce of misery has the ability to reproduce itself exponentially. It's quite the prolific little cuss.

Misery induces ulcers, nervous breakdowns, family fights, relationship woes, financial distress, loss of humor, weight loss/gain (depending on one's penchants), alcohol/drug abuse, fist fights, melees, chaos, cancer, loss of faith, lack of trust, and other unhappy situations.

Misery is not free. It costs you everything.

Misery adds years to your day. It also has the mysterious (opposing) ability: to rob years from your life.

Misery is about as much fun as a thousand fleas in one's armpits.

Misery will keep you from deep slumber (known as REM) which then results in severely diminished overall health (Also a proven fact. Studies show that lack of sleep has a detrimental affect on metabolism (leading to diabetes, in extreme cases), cognizance, verbal speech patterns, growth (in children),immune systems, digestion, ability to concentrate, decision making, logic, etc.)

Misery is in no way life-enhancing. It is a life leech.

In short, it is this writer's opinion that when given the choice (always), Joy is by far the better path to walk. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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