Tuesday, June 2, 2009

got no idea...but don't need to ~

boyhowdy! it's been a zillion years since we had a thunderstorm 'round these parts...but today's was a DOOZY! it went on for hours...and the poor koda dawg was having a fit. buddy didn't flinch. in fact, didn't even seem to notice it was going on. walked around the whole while with a toy in his mouth, trying to get someone to play with him. koda, on the other hand, was trying to shrink himself into the size of a toy poodle so he could fit in my pocket. thought he was going to come right out of his skin. so, i sat with him on the floor, using my most soothing voice, stroking him so he wouldn't have a heart attack. i swear...his heart was beating so fast it scared me!

well now the storm has passed and everything is all sparkly bright. koda is still lying here, like he's not trusting it's really gone...and buddy is still sitting down in the den with the toy in front of him. big goof. chella, of course, is cool as a cucumber, sleeping on her favorite chair without a care in the world.

which leads me to this whole..."got no idea" thing. (ok. it's kind of a weird segue, but look who's writing.) yesterday, as we were sitting out on the patio discussing all the odd events of late, i said something about how i really didn't know HOW i was going to get it done, just that i was. i had this really huge 'knowing' in my gut...and while i wasn't really trying to convince him of anything, i could tell he was on board the whole way. which was really cool, since it wasn't too long ago when he'd have rolled his eyes and walked away. not now. now he seems to be inspired by it all. like he's decided he'd rather adopt my modus operandi than stick to his old "doom and gloom" stuff. and THAT is a pretty cool thing.

so anyway, there we were, talking about all this...and somehow or other we got to talking about thunderstorms. about how much we missed them. and how rare it was to have them here. he's from canada and i'm from the east coast, so we're both familiar with them and both have a real appreciation for the "shows". we told stories about this storm or that, and the dogs we've shared them with...and all those silly little details you remember from when you were a kid. by the time we moved on to other things, both of us had this kind of longing thing going on...like, "boy, wouldn't it be cool IF...."

well! you can imagine my utter delight when i heard that first thunderclap today. i mean...it was just yesterday we were talking about the 'rarity'...and WHAMMO! there's all this huge thunder and lightening going on! and the moment i heard that first clap, i got this enormous smile on my face. talk about the U responding! i mean...GEEEEEEZ! really? just like that? it made me stop and think, all over again, about how mindful i need to be with what i think about for any length of time. because, more and more it shows up. think it, focus on it...PRESTO. there it is.

seems like a piece of cake, huh?

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