Thursday, May 14, 2009

your attention please!

Just thought I'd let ya'll case you happen to be a fan of the JoyZAChoice website....the site will be closing down on the 26th of May. For now, all "clicks" will take you to my Etsy shop (which happens to be: After the 26th, if you try to go to the JoyZ site, you'll likely get one of those pages that says it's not there.

I'm sorry to have to take the site down, but economics forces the closure (crap!). I'm hopeful that this will only be a temporary thing...and the site will be back up again soon. In the interim, you can find out all about what's going on both here and on my other Blog at:

Wishing you ALL a very Happy ThisDay! Blessings and giggles to everyone!

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Sorrow said...

Going to go take a peek at your new digs..Hope everything is OK with you!