Monday, April 27, 2009

whut the #!*?%&!

it's MONDAY? again? GEEZ! i'm tellin' ya, there's some kinda weird time shift thang goin' on in my world, cuz it seems to me that it was just tuesday. can't be. it's monday again. huh?

i realized i hadn't written anything here since last wednesday, and had no clue about that time lapse. i've been so busy doing so many fun, productive, creative things AND lots of gardening to boot, it all just flew by and i didn't see it. i mean, the part about not writing on my blog. well, that's not entirely true, cuz i have been writing on my other blog. and my eZine sites, and a bunch of other stuff too. just neglected this one. oooops. hate it when i do that.

so, here i am....and monday is coming to a close too. it's almost dinner time...and i feel like i've only been up for a few hours. (nope. wrong again. i woke up at 6:30 a.m....nearly 12 hours ago!) got a bunch of stuff sitting on my desk, screaming for me to do this or that. all good stuff. all exciting stuff. all stuff i have to 'expand' what i'm creating in my world. and i don't want the day to end. i want there to be another shift. maybe if i just stop sleeping? nahhhhh. bad idea. i like sleeping. besides, i get all sorts of cool stuff from sleeping too. more ideas.


guess i'm just rambling here...with no apparent direction...just needin' to cut loose some dust. hoping the world has found some joy today...every some lovely way. seeds. little seeds of joy.

the flowers are bloomin'!

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