Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the love chain

okay. this one's gonna be a bit 'unusual'. but it's just gotta be done! for those of you who don't already know the terrific terri st. cloud, (see bonesigharts), you've likely heard/read me speak of her before. she's got a heart the size of the grand canyon...and is ALWAYS helping others. an endless fountain of goodness, she is!

well, today i got a note about a note she got...with an idea to help one of terri's friends along on her journey with chemo. being someone who loathes the mere idea of such drugs, i instantly reacted to this note. and then...i got off my ass and decided to do something to help too. so...the note is below. i'm asking YOU to read it and, if you will prettypleez, shoot terri an email (it's in the note) to offer up YOUR thought/prayer/giggle for janene. it's that simple. read. email a thought. say a prayer. the end! goes:

i got this note today from an incredible young woman.
i LOVE the idea!!! i'm gonna clip her note as she explains it perfectly!
THEN if you guys want to about you email any notes my way?
and pass my email addy to your friends who would play. then i'll copy them
and make a chain for janene!!! janene is my sister in law who is going thru
chemo right now for TWO rare forms of ovarian cancer. she could really
use this!!!

was thinking about your friend yesterday..... and I had a thought.... when my best friend's mother was going through her chemo/radiation treatments, one of her friends started creating "links of love" for her. She had a whole bunch of her friends take these strips of paper and write messages on them- prayers, quotes, thinking of you's, little funnies, etc. And then her friends had their friends write them. And then their friends had their friends do it... and so on and so on. Then she took the papers and formed them into a chain-- like the ones kids make at Christmas time. Then everytime someone sent a new link, they just added it to the chain, to the point where it eventually got so long it circled the room twice. She said it really lifted her mom's spirits that so many people were thinking of her, even people she'd never even met.

Getting to my point. I don't know if something like that would help your friend or not. Or if it would even be something she'd be comfortable with. Our prayer group here at work has made links for a few other people over the years, and I know they would do it for your friend in a heartbeat. And judging from all the comments your friends left on your facebook status yesterday, I'm sure there'd be a whole lot of links flowing in from all kinds of places.
use the following email if you're interested!!!
spread the word!!!!!! just think of the chain we could make!!!!!!!!
thanks melissa for this awesome idea!!!



terri said...

you're the best.
and i so needed this tonite.
thank you, camille.......

terri said...

i thought i just commented, but now i'm not sure. if double, ignore me...
but camille i really wanted to thank you for this.....means a ton.

and tonite...well....i needed it.

thank you