Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mother's love

Our lovely Mother...with her rolling hills and her grand oceans. Her heart beats the Life Force, providing all we need and so much more. She is unselfish, unwavering, so full of Love. Yet, for many, she is nothing more than dirt. How can it be that they don't see? How can it be that they don't care? It makes my heart ache to watch as they take and take and take..with no regard for Her.

Today, and every day hereafter, it is my deepest wish that we find a way to remember, and honor, and keep her in Love. To marvel at the many gifts she provides. To enjoy the splendor of her beauty.

The flowers
and the trees.

The critters
and the birds.

The clouds that bring the rains.

The snow that paints the mountains.

The bees that drink her nectar.

The rivers that flow with good.

There is so much to be grateful for. She gives without asking. Can we do the same for her? Can we show her Love? Can we open our hearts and nurture her, as she does us? Yes. Yes we can. The question is...


Honor your Mother! Without her, we are doomed.

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