Monday, March 2, 2009


oh brother.

i sure do get all kindsa carried away sometimes. cracks me up. sometimes, after i've had some kind of huge inspiration, i'll come on over here and post whatever happens to be whizzin' around in my silly little head. i gather up the pictures, let my fingers fly...and then click "publish"

(i do read them first. just cuz i can't stand typos or misspelled words...censoring, however, is rarely exercised.)

so, earlier today i posted that supergoofy pic of me with a mustache. yesterday it was the equally goofy picture of me with my sunflower head thingy & my raja glasses. oh yea. i was in a groove alright. truth be told, i still am. and it's 11:30 PM. but for some reason, i decided to come back here and look at my 'stuff'.

oh brother.

i'm not kiddin' ya. i think there's another being tryin' to break loose here. and ya know what? i kinda like her. think i'll let her come on out. cuz the past few days have been about the 'funnest' days i've had in a really, really long time. and there wasn't even anyone else around.

go figure.

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