Monday, March 2, 2009

mustache mondays ~

for those of you who missed the 'memo'....mondays have been declared "mustache mondays" by the brilliant, effervescent, incredibly hilarious terri (of bonesigharts....go see!). she even formed her own little "club" on facebook....the mustache mondays club. how freakin' fun is that???

i've been tryin' to find one for a week and a half. to date, still haven't (found one). but not one to be even slightly put off by those pesky details, i opted to use the alternate method...& draw one on. this has a couple of advantages: one is that it doesn't get soggy or filled with food as the day progresses. and, yes, i'll be wearing it all day...and into the night...til it's time for bed. and YES (again)...that means whether i'm home or out &'s gonna be on my face. no. not kidding.

so...back to the advantages....

the other is that i can have different kinds of mustaches...the curly cue or the bushy or the einstein or well, you get the idea. so what if it's drawn still evokes the same reactions...which is what makes it so fun. one of the best so far....i was sitting at a stop light when a police officer pulled up beside me on his motorcycle. i turned to smile at him, he did the ol' double take (actually it was more a triple take) & then he started laughing his butt off. he even did a quick little siren thing for me. talk about fun stuff! now i ask ya, if you can make a policeman laugh just cuz you're wearing a silly mustache, isn't it worth it??????? you betcha. those guys need some laughter too ya know.

well anywayz...i'm posting this goofy picture to inspire you to join us. what's the purpose? to lighten up. to have some laughs. to make people smile.'s just something to do that may just make anyone who runs across you a little more grateful to be alive. ya never know.

so, thanks to miz terri for the awesome 'club'. and for her amazing lightness of being. i love ya, ter. you ROCK!


Sorrow said...

Now that's to funny!
I could wear one too I suppose, but I am such a hermit, who would ever know?

terri said...

i'm still laughing over that picture!! i wish you could hear me every time i look at it!
i'm kinda diggin' the drawing idea.
mine got a little sore yesterday and yeah, soggy in the tea...
drawing it may be the way to go!!

thanks for being so free and fun!
you add so much to my world!