Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a little somethin' to chew on ~

The following is a snippet I found (or rather, that found me) early this morning. It is not my creation. (I'll give props at the end...no distractions for now....)I'm quite certain, however, that the author is A-OK with me sharing it. I know. He's that way. Anyway...I just had to post this..and you'll see why in a sec. One thing first...

Don't let the words distract you. In other words, if you happen to be deeply entrenched in a certain 'religion', don't let the monikers throw you off. You can insert any word you want; God, Allah, Jesus, Pan, Zeus...whatever 'name' you use for your particular beliefs. Cuz, after all, if there is "only one God", what difference does it make what you call it?

Okay...so here goes....

Secret excerpt from
"Illumination for Dummies: Time~Space Edition”
Now a Best Seller in dimensions far, far away....

It's like, between every single second of the day, there's a pause. Life is suspended. Frozen and unfrozen. Imperceptible to the physical senses because these moment and non-moments are all strung together by your thoughts, beliefs, and intents which span the gaps, creating a complete and seamless picture. It's even happening now, between every word you've just read.

It's during these pauses that the future is forged. And just as all "things" flicker like a firefly, so does time, during which the Universe is busy at work, flying into action, moving mountains, plotting circumstances, and planning coincidences, unrestrained by the limits of material existence, including cause and effect. This is where the magic lies.

Each succeeding physical moment then reflects the creations of the previous non-physical moment, dependent not upon what has existed in the physical, but upon the usually slow evolution of your beliefs, intents and expectations that carry through both realities.

(Are you sitting down?)

The past can even be rewritten and memories inserted, so that never a beat is missed. (Scratch “can even be”, and use “are often”. Just pacing you to ward off brain freeze.)

Next time you want something, play off these pauses, not time and space. Don't look to the physical, look to the unseen. And dwell in the realm of infinite possibilities.

But you knew that.

Tallyho, ho, ho,

PS ~ It goes on to say that the evolution spoken of need not be slow.

PSS ~ From "Notes from the Universe, Book One", by the Magnificent Mike Dooley. I love ya, Mike! You rock!

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Sorrow said...

which explains why i live my life backwards, in a state of frozen ecstasy...
tally ho!