Wednesday, March 4, 2009

of course it works

been thinking alot about this whole 'law of attraction' thing. more than usual, that is. i mean, i get it. i believe it. i even know it. deep down in my gut. cuz i've lived it so many times i can't even count. but what's cool is that lately, even more so than 'usual', stuff is poppin' up all over the place. really big stuff. like all these 'new' people who've magickally appeared. yep. that's what it's about. the magick of the law. or is it the law of the magick? either way...

had all this icky stuff goin' on last week. all kinds of walls to get over. all kinds of fear. not my norm, to be sure, but there they were. big, ugly walls so thick i couldn't even imagine 'how' i was going to get past them. first 'mistake'. in the 'not imagining', i make those walls thicker, higher, bigger. i got stuck. i let the ick take me into the mire & kick my little ass. most definitely not my normal m.o.

after a while, i got to thinking about all there is around me...the love, the friendships, the beauty, the 'stuff' that makes my world so freakin' beautiful. didn't take long to see that all this other crap was my own doing. not long after that, i told my ego to take a hike & did what i had to do. wasn't fun. but it was the only thing i could think of to get up off my pity pot. i hate being there. it's like tryin' to pee in a port-a-potty when it's 10 below. (sheesh! where'd that come from???)... i am...a short week later...and all i can see now is how fast it works. the whole 'law' thing. it's FAST. i mean, all kinds of stuff has been showing up. packages in the mail with pretty little treasures. some $$$ for my rent. invitations. new friends (who have similar 'beliefs'). happy people. the kinds of people who make you really grateful to be alive. new books (gifts!). new ideas. all kindsa stuff. POOF! just like that!

so this morning, when i opened my hit me really hard. how much has 'happened' over the course of the past week. all the many things that have shown up to remind me that i'm okay. i'm doin' fine. there's nothing to 'worry' about. look around ya, livee. LOOKIT ALL THE PRETTY FLOWERS!

yep. it works alright. it works so fast that most of the time i'm guessin' we don't even see it. cuz we're too busy looking behind us. we're too busy worryin' about what's coming. we're paddling so hard up that downstream that we don't see all the magick, the treasures, the absolute proof of our powerful intentions. i gotta keep reminders...little sticky notes or somethin' pay attention. pay attention to what's here right now. pay attention to the pauses in between the moments. pay attention to all the glorious gifts that are always flowing.

all the rest...

is just a bunch of phoooooey.

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