Monday, March 9, 2009

another mustache monday ~

yep. it's monday again. mustache monday. almost forgot...til i saw terri's new pic. i swear, she's such a hoot! anyway, wanted to remind ya'll too. if you don't have one to glue on, just draw one on. watch & see how different it makes you feel. not kidding. it'll make ya giggle every time you pass a mirror...or another person. cuz they're gonna look at you funny...and then comes the 'reaction'. it's FUN...if you'll just let got the whole "i'm gonna feel silly". really? that's the whole point!

which brings me to today's little nugget. been thinking about the whole ego game. how much it gets in the way. how much it keeps us from our authentic self. ego. ick. that's what it should be called..."ick". i've pretty much made up my mind that it's that ick that stops me...or rather, used to stop me...from letting the real me out. i used to think i was so real. so honest. so 'myself'. turns out i was so not. but i didn't get to see that until lately. lots of things showed up to really let me see just how much i wasn't being me. most of it was flyin' under the radar. i had no idea. that's the thing about ego. it's a tricky little cuss. you're goin' along, thinking you've got it all dialed in....then, all of a run right smack into it, like a 20 pound sledge. WHACK! hellloooooooooo? what are you, asleep or something?

so, all this stuff started showing up. and i gotta tell ya, it wasn't all that much fun. kinda gave me that feeling of being cornered. cornered by a really big ugly monster with it's claws around my throat. choking me til i could feel my knees start to buckle. no air. no blood. life draining no. not any fun at all.

but here's the thing. it seems that those are the moments when you really find out what you're made of. you find out just how strong...tenacious....powerful you are. you find out that the ugly monster is really just a bully...more scared than tough. most bullies are, ya know? that's why they're bullies. cuz they're scared somebody will find them out and they have to cover it up by beating up on 'little ones'. i've had my share of bullies...and i also learned how to call them on their crap. works every time.

same goes with egoick. if you can take that one second to recognize see it for what it really is...big then have all you need to disarm it. tell it to take a hike. be gone, ya little wuss. you don't scare me. get the hell outta here.

it's not about courage. or muscles. or even being stronger than the bully. it's about recognizing who you really are. it might take a little practice (oh yea. it sure does.) but it's worth it. cuz once you smack that bully upside the head, even just once, you'll find that it's not likely to mess with you for much longer, if at all. now, i'm not saying i've mastered this. but i get it. i get that even doing silly stuff like wearing a mustache on mondays....doing that kind of stuff is what completely dismantles egoickbullypants.

HAAAA! gotcha!

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