Tuesday, March 10, 2009

wandering aimlessly

when the day seems aimless
with little to hold your interest
wandering, wondering, waiting for some spark of
it does little good to look
for anything
it does little good to wish
for inspiration
it is so much better
to pretend
that there is magick all around you
even if ya don't believe it
truth is
there is.
magick abounds
as does inspiration
but when you look for it
it's as elusive
as the dream
you try to go back to
after you've been awakened.
just doesn't work.
ya gotta just
let go.
let go the questions
the doubts
the need to find 'it'..
most times
when ya let it go
it pops up
& bites ya on the ass.
funny thing
how that works.
ya know?

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