Saturday, March 7, 2009

the wish box

so i have this wish box..or magick box...or creation box...whatever you wanna call it. it's this idea i got from abraham....a game of sorts...premise being that we are all magnificent creators...and we can create our world however we wish. (you can find more about this on my website...) anywayz......
so i got this box from my sis one year for christmas. the coolest box. (as you can see..) and when i read about the game, i chose this one for my wish box. i put stuff in and thoughts and whatever it is wish to create. then, the moment i put 'whatever' in the box i say

"whatever is in this box IS.".

from there on out, every time i even just look at the box, i say "thanks". cuz i know it's coming. i know that because it's my very own creations in there, it's coming ... and now all i have to do is say thanks. i know this...cuz, well.... it works!

now, call me crazy (ha! as if it matters! we all know i am, so what's the diff?) but i'm tellin' works.

maybe it's about the expectation. (another piece of the game). or maybe it's cuz once i put it in there, even if i don't believe it, it makes me happy to pretend.

near as i can tell, pretending is precisely how the universe works. it's not about the 'words' ... it's about getting to that place...that feeling place.......of what it's gonna be like when the stuff arrives. like...right now....i have it and it's soooooooo awesome to have it. so when you pretend you're already there, wherever there is, and you actually feel that feeling of being there.....well, there's the magick.

so.....i put a bunch of stuff in my box...all the time..i'm always finding things that make me smile or comfortable or just plain old silly...and i put them in there and pretty much forget about the 'asking' part. any time i look at the box, i just grin real big and shout out 'THANKS!'

that's it.

just 'thanks'

and i go about my business. cuz i know it's on it's way. doesn't matter what it's on it's way. ya don't have to really believe it.....just move yourself in the direction of trusting it. cuz really, what's the worst that could happen???'s FUN! you get to be a kid all over again....and from all i remember about being a kid...and all i witness from the kids around me? well, that pretend stuff is pretty powerful.

today.....on a 'lark', i was window shopping on craig's list. i had put a pic of these moccasins i've wanted FOREVER in my wish box. prior to learning about this game, every time i'd see them in a store or someone else wearing them, i'd always admire them and think, 'wow. those are so me. i sure do wish i could have some'. but those thoughts would always be accompanied by 'forget it. you can't afford them. not important. forget it.'


wanting and then that immediate awful feeling of LACK.


after a while, i just said screw it. ya can't have 'em. move on, you poor little dreamer.


not gonna do that anymore!

so........ i put those puppies in my wish box....not even a month ago. i found a pic...printed it out.......& put it in my box.


and then....there it was.......

an ad on craig's list.....for the very moccasins i'd put in my box.

FOR $12!!!!

not $225. (at the Indian Store...)not $120 (with damages). not $75 (cuz they're a funky color)

nope. right there.....THE ones........for $12!!!!

then i'm thinkin'...okay just got your rent paid. you had to actually ask for help to do THAT. are you freakin' nuts?????

now. i'll admit. at first i thought....'no way. ain't gonna happen. this is just too weird for it to be true.'. oh yea.. i still have a whole bunch of 'not believing it' stuff. but it doesn't matter (apparently!) there they were...the ones i'd put in my box......for twelve-freakin'-dollars!

when i called the lady to ask when i might come try some on, ended up she was right down the road. (coincidence? HAAAAA!) she said, "whenever you like. i'll be here most of the day."

so i went. i tried them on. they fit perfectly.


ya think there's no magick??????

think again.

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