Monday, February 16, 2009

you matter....(thank you, miz terri...)

i gotta tell ya...i'm one of the most blessed beings on the planet. i must be. cuz every time i look, there's a new treasure laid in my hands. since i've been so focused on treasure lately, more has been showing up. and more. and even more.

my friend {who is an amazing artist with a heart the size of the grand canyon!}sent me a package the other day. there was a card, one of her many creations, along with a necklace with a rune symbol that mean's 'joy. 'course, this was no mistake. she's a fan, she tries her best to spread the word about i'm doing...and she knows my mission is to scatter joy. the necklace is beautiful. the card....well, it just made me cry. it's a red heart on a black background with little hearts on the sides....and the words "you matter" right there...front & center. it really hit me. the timing. the thoughtfulness. the biglove she's always sending my way. i'm tellin' hit me hard (or maybe that should say "soft"???)

so i'm holding the necklace in my hands, reading the message she wrote inside that gorgeous card....and i've got tears rollin' down my cheeks. i feel like some giant hands are holding me...all wrapped up in love. wow.

i put the card in a frame...and it sits on my desk right in front of me. every time i sit down, there it is. all that love just for me. those two little matter...make me remember...that i DO. how big is that? feeling like you matter...well, i'm thinkin' it's got to be one of the essentials for living. more than being told you're pretty. or smart. or funny. come to think of's not even about being "told". it's about knowing. really knowing that you do. cuz truth is...we all matter. every one of us. we matter to somebody, somewhere. little stuff we do...that we don't even think about...

like making a meal for someone who's always eating take-out. or doing your roommate's laundry, just cuz. or moving a spider out to the yard cuz he got lost. think that doesn't matter to the spider? ha! you bet it does. little stuff? nope. nothing we do is little. nothing. it all matters. when we forget, it's really terrific to be reminded. and she did. she reminds me a lot. just in case.

i'm getting better at remembering...& the more i remember, the more it inspires me to do more of the little stuff. cuz it feels good. cuz it just might make someone's day. cuz it grows the love.

do the little stuff.
it matters.
so do you.

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terri said...

smiling at you, cams......