Tuesday, February 17, 2009


sometimes i wake up with a single word whispering in my ear. i'll come out of sleep, all warm & cozy with my chella snuggled up next to me...and there'll be this word. kind of more like a song than a whisper.
a snappy little ditty to get me moving.

today's word was 'stellar'.
so, there i was, lying there under warm layers of blankets...


as is my usual modus operandi, i let my mind wander...wondered if maybe there was a definition i wasn't aware of. like the 'worry' one (see post below). does it mean something else? am i using it to it's fullest? you're the wordnut (hey! is that a word? nope. don't think so. well, maybe. cuz i just used it, didn't i? oh brother!)

laid there for a bit, thinking about it, then decided to get out of bed & see. webster says:

Function: adjective
Etymology: Late Latin stellaris, from Latin stella: star
Date: circa 1656

1 a: of or relating to the stars : astral b: composed of stars
2: of or relating to a theatrical or film star (stellar names)
3 a: principal , leading (a stellar role) b: outstanding (a stellar performance)

okay. so i'm using it to it's fullest. but how come it woke me up? is there something 'stellar' going on here? is that where all the new stuff is coming from?
(so as not to confuse, i made something new yesterday...out of something very weird...using materials & methods i've never used before. & it came out SO FREAKIN' COOL!...but i digress...)

i made my way down to the kitchen to prepare my cup'a'joe, fed the dawgs, let the cat out...& wandered back upstairs to my desk. looked around at this perfect space...& the ditty began playing again.

stellar...gotta whole lotta stellar goin' on...stairway to stellar...baby stay off of my stellar suede shoes...doo wop, doo wop...

okay. so the stars are involved. i know that much. maybe i'm giving a stellar performance? as in tapping into the flow of energy that's releasing all this creativity? or maybe the stars are all lined up right now...& the stuff i've been focused on {manifesting} is about to fall outta the sky. or maybe...

baby, you're a star.

hmmmm. dunno. but it sure is a fun way to wake up.
stars & sunshine & warm cozy blankets.
talk about an "awakening".

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