Wednesday, February 18, 2009

grace ~

I got up the other day to bright sunshine after a very long, dark day of storm. Don't get me wrong...I love storms. Rain. Wind. Dancing trees. Black clouds. Love them. I also happen to love sunshine. (who doesn't?) So, I took my cup'o'joe outside & walked around the yard for a bit. As I neared my housemate's patio, I saw a little 'fort' of sorts. He'd apparently found a few pieces that fell from one of the many palm trees in our yard, gathered 'em up, and made this little 'fort. When I saw them, a big "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!' came outta me. I walked closer & I swear, those things were whispering to me! Not kiddin'! I crouched down & picked one up. It had the most amazing texture...& it's own little 'picture' right there in the wood. COOOOOOL!

Brought them into my shop, and started cleaning them up. Didn't know exactly what I was going to do with them, but I knew there was something there waiting for me. Once finished with the clean-up, I had all sorts of ideas circling 'round in my head. Brought one of them up to my loft, sat in the warmth of sunshine streaming in the windows, & stared at it. For a long time. Just sat & stared.

There were so many thoughts flyin' through my brain, I didn't know which one to 'go with'. I started painting...& then added a big jumble of words...all the ones that were flyin' around. But after I finished...I didn't like it. It just wasn't what I'd imagined. It didn't feel right.

I left it be for a while. I felt like I was over-thinking it. I'd been with it for so many hours, I couldn't 'see' it clearly. So I left it on my table...& tried to let it 'rest'. Problem was, I couldn't get it outta my head. I kept going back in there...looking at it & wondering what it was asking for. Oh SHEESH, Camille. give it a break!

Later on....somewhere around midnight, I realized what was 'not right'. So I started all over. Cuz the only thing I kept hearing was "grace". I thought about that the whole time I was cleaning it up.


It's such a pretty word...

Grace...."unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification". Wow. Divine Assistance. Hmmmmmmm. How can you not love that? I finally went to bed with that word in my head...and slept as restfully as I have in a very long time. Woke up the next morning...and there it was.


I believe that when we walk in Grace...with unquestionable Trust...we walk with ease, with a knowing that the 'Divine Assistance' is always present. Grace is soft. It's gentle. It's a deep kindness that carries us as a mother carries her newborn babe. Grace is Eden. A splendid, beautiful place to live.

Grace is where I want to live...


Anonymous said...

This is remarkable!

-Love that you have ears tuned to the voices so eager to share.

-Love your willingness to listen with dynamic enthusiasm.

-Love your gift of translation. Effective interpretation is a gift.

Grace begats grace.

Kudos to your depth and expansion.

Much love,

terri said...

ah! look! one word!
and what a word you picked!
awesome, lady!
just awesome!