Thursday, February 19, 2009

gauging the flow ~

your car has one. it's called an intake valve. so does your internet connection. it's called bandwidth. so does your heart. it's called a pulse. so how come we have such a hard time with gauging our energy flow?

got to thinking about this whole 'concept' after going to a marvelous gathering at a place called 'the goddess studio'. we'd gathered together in the name of 'wine, women & wealth' {thank you, goddess amalya!} the group was as diverse as could be. there were a couple of recent college grads, still working on discovering their paths. there was a lady who'd spent her entire life on her own spiritual path. 40+ years worth! there was an attorney who told us she'd wanted to be a lawyer since the age of 2. yes. i said TWO. can you imagine???? she was a charming, lovely lady with a beautiful accent & an even more beautiful essence. hard to imagine such a thing in a lawyer, perhaps? well, yea. there are good lawyers too, ya know. first i was feelin' a bit 'self-conscious'. which is weird in itself, cuz mostly i don't give a rip what folks think about how i'm dressed or what kinda shoes i have on (i wore slippers, as they were the only things that my feet were happy wearing at that moment) or whether i happen to have applied make-up (i had...sparingly). so for whatever reason, i was feelin' a bit...out of place. and that got me to thinking...

who's judging whom here, missy? if you think these women are sizing you up for your appearance, must be that it's you doin' the sizing. get over it. you didn't come here for the best dressed prize. you came here to meet, share & enjoy these wonderful women, yes? so.....whut's up witchoo???

once i'd regained my balance, i got in my groove. i felt the flow of energy change in an instant. i marveled at my own ability to recognize it...& move onward. i was f-l-o-w-i-n-g. so how'd i do it?

okay. some of you already know about my passionate love affair with abraham. i'm a true-blue believer in their message...& their loving perspectives. everything offered is always given with a really terrific sense of humor...and enormous love. i can feel it every time i read, or listen, or watch...or merely think about what i've learned to this point. let's just say that from the very first 'meeting' with abraham, i was home. so...part of their teachings {actually, they call them 'rememberings'...but that's a whole 'nother story} include this visual of a stream. it's a stream of well-being. it's that whole big-picture thing where you get to choose how to go about creating your life. it's pretty fantastic...& it's served me oh-so-well for all the years i've been following this school of thought.

their take on this is that our lives are an ever-flowing stream...on which we either paddle like maniacs (upstream) OR we let go the oars & allow the stream carry us. the former is what we're taught from the git-go. the latter, something we knew even before we arrived in these physical bodies. mostly we forget because of the early teachings of our parents, or teachers, or elders. in other words, little by little all that wisdom we have when we come into physical form is buried until it's just a wisp of a dream. so sad. but also quite true.

the gauge, if we are to label it, is our emotional response to whatever's going on. when we're feeling happiness, or love, or joy, or appreciation...we're goin' with the flow of who we really are. when we feel things like guilt, or fear, or anger...those, too, are the gauges that tell us the flow is constricted. we're not allowing the stream to carry us. we're paddlin' like crazypeople up that fast-flowing stream. muscles are burnin'. that ick in the gut is threatening to spew. sweat pouring out of every pore. we're workin' it, alright. but not in the way we could be. not in the way we meant to when we chose this journey.

makes sense to me. cuz every time i get to feeling less-than-wonderful, i know right now what's going on. i know that i'm fighting the flow. i know that if i'll just let go those heavy-assed oars, the stream is gonna carry me along....just like a song. (giggle) it's a pretty fundamental theory. but it makes more 'sense' to me than anything i've ever considered (spiritually speaking, that is). using my emotions as indicators of my flow ... or lack thereof... is a sure-fire way of changing what i don't want & turning to what i do. i know. it sounds kinda 'pollyanna'. so? what's wrong with that? i'd soooooooo rather live as "a person characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything" than i would to beat the crap outta myself when things aren't going the way i think they should go.

once again....we're back to that same little mantra....

joy is a choice.

did ya toss those paddles overboard yet? or whut?

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