Sunday, February 15, 2009

finding the treasure ~

ahhh...the mere idea of a treasure map conjures all sorts of fantastic images in one's head, yes? pirates and treasure chests overflowing with gold coins & giant glittering gems, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...

yep. i'm a pirate lover. i once had a 'dream' (although i was wide awake...) that i was a pirate. a lady pirate. it was so clear, i really thought i'd lost my mind. i saw 'me'...on a ship with all those funky dudes, hair a'flyin in the ocean breeze...the whole she-bang. weird. so anywayyyyz...

i got to thinking about treasure today. i was reading this awesome article about a cab driver who took the high road and decided to stop 'quacking' like a duck and instead chose to 'soar like an eagle'. he'd apparently read something by the splendid dr. wayne dyer...and it had a profound effect on the man. he went from a quacking (complaining) cabbie to an a-one-top-o-the-heap limo driver in a cab. his story is told by someone who'd had the great blessing of getting him at the airport. cool story (you'll find it here...thanks Gayle!)

so, i'm reading this story and i'm thinking to myself...'ya know, this is precisely what treasure is all about! the map is right there in front of you! you gonna read it or WHUT?'

pretty soon, my pretty little head was whirling with ideas. i had all kinds of images flyin' around...& the giggles began. okay. i know. pirates are glamorized in the movies and they were probably not very nice people...all that pillaging and such. but i'm talking about the hollywood know...johnny depp & orlando bloom (yum yum!) the fun pirates with all those cool clothes & big hoop earrings. (giggling now...)

gonna go take a look at that map now.
i'm ready for more treasure...and i'm also acutely aware that there's already a pile of it right here...right now.


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