Thursday, February 26, 2009

open arms ~~~

ya know how much i love trees. i have this ever-growing love affair with 'em. the love just grows & grows...with every breath i take. BIG love.

so this morning, i was thinking about open arms. i was thinking about a meditation i was 'guided thru' yesterday, all around abundance. the lovely woman whose voice guided me suggested i 'see' a red light of energy coming out of my feet, surging into the earth. immediately, i was a tree. i could not only 'see' the image of roots coming out of my feet...i could feel it. next thing i felt was a surge of pure joy. it tingled all the way up from my toes to my head, touching every cell. and body kinda just disappeared. i couldn't feel it at all. numb isn't even close. numb is usually accompanied by a tingling of sorts. i wasn't numb, i was absent of my physical form. i was a tree...not a 'human'. it was the coolest, eeriest feeling i've ever had. as i felt those roots spreading out...weaving & curling into the dirt, i had the sensation of being 'wide open'. like the branches of me were spreading and spreading, opening to the warmth of the sun & the soft of the rain. it was incredible. i wanted to stay 'there' forever. i wanted to trade in my body & just be a tree. forever. when that particular thought breezed into my brain, i felt my body 'come back'. bummer. but then i thought, just breathe, just breathe. it's okay. you can be both.

ahhhhhhhh. back to tree-ness again.

this morning, when i woke up, i got to thinking about what it might 'mean'. what was it that made me feel so deliciously ecstatic being a tree? could i actually feel that kind of ecstasy being in this human form? did i have to 'wish' to be a tree or could i be the same time? as these questions trickled thru my head, i began to feel that same sensation again. the tingling & the joy & the ecstasy came flooding back. & i wasn't even trying.

so then....i had this thought...that maybe the whole idea of allowing is more about opening your arms. open wide. say ah. stretch. bend. sway. soar. isn't that what trees 'do'? trees are such magnificent teachers. think about how long they've been here. think about all the things they've witnessed, or heard, or felt as they stand there...rooted in the beautiful earth...taking it all in. if they can do that, who says i can't? who says i have to be 'just' a human being? i can be a tree if i want to, right? i can open my arms & let the endless supply of everything flow into me...without fear of shortage, without any doubt at all. even if the wind blows really, really hard, i'm still rooted in the love of mother's body. there is no shortage. there is no lack. there is no reason whatsoever to even think about such things. do you think trees 'worry'? nope. they stand there, in all their regal glory, knowing that they're safe...and rooted...and fed at every moment.

some call that 'trust'. i'm thinking it's more about that 'knowing'.

knowing that mother provides.
knowing that love is always here.

today, i'm gonna be a 300 year old cedar...and wrap my arms around the world.

p.s. a big, giant thanks to "irargerich" on for this magnificent photo!


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