Wednesday, February 25, 2009

walkin' thru the wow ~

know what's really cool? when you do something that's really, really REALLY hard...& you make your way thru it...& then you get to...


the wow can be from all sorts of stuff. like making it thru at all (for one) or finding out who stood beside you when you were tryin' so hard. or seeing that the ones you thought would be there weren't...and some who you never thought about showing up...did.

that's definitely wow material.

& then there's the whole endurance thing. cuz sometimes ya think you're really NOT gonna make it thru. while you're doing whatever it is...ya have those moments when you think to yourself, "man. this is gonna freakin' kill me". but then, it doesn't. you wake up the next day...& everything looks so different & you've got all kinds of reasons to actually get outta bed & face another day...with a smile, even!


so today, i've been walkin' thru the wow. all day long. every time i turned, there was another wow. they came from all kinds of places too. places i'd have never even imagined. places that i was 'directed' to by other people...people who really wanted to hear me laugh again. some of them were people i've never even met. can you imagine that? truth. i'm tellin' ya.


i'm groovin' on the wow right now...
walkin' thru, savoring every second...
knowing that i can carry them all with me forever
if i want.

that's pretty big stuff.

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