Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a new day for a new world

i'm thinking it's not just about us anymore. "us" as in the good ol' U.S. of A. it's about the world now. the whole world is watching as our new president gets sworn into office. THE WHOLE WORLD! history? you betcha. a big giant page in the history of humanity. because it appears that this man is going to make a difference. wait...this man has already made a difference. did you see the telecasts on the night he won the election???? the entire world was watching & cheering & whoopin' it up. that blew me away. i had tears rollin' down my face at the site of all those people all around the globe, cheering for barack obama. who knew?

so, today he gets sworn in. i think he's been on the job since the day after the election. have you noticed how little we've seen of george w.? i think that weenie high-tailed it outta there the moment he found out who'd won. & barack has been workin' it ever since. no rest for the inspired!

i'm saying a prayer for him today. no. lots of prayers. i'm praying that he stays in that place of love & keeps his vision clear. i know it's not just about him. he is not a king or a dictator or a sole ruler. he's the president & he's got lots of other people to win over before he can make the changes he sees fit. & i pray that everyone else remembers that too. cuz if we're all thinking that he's gonna take his place in the oval office & "PRESTO" make all these wonderful changes happen immediately, we are all sorely mistaken. this is a group effort. only difference is that this man knows the path. i pray he walks it gracefully.

so here's to a brand new day for a brand new world. here's to all of us erasing borders & coming to a new understanding of what "world" means. here's to all the boneheads who want so badly to stay in their tiny little worlds...that they may find a way to bust out. lastly, here's to you & me...the backbone of america. may we all find the tolerance & kindness in our hearts to make the world a better place.


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