Monday, January 19, 2009

just git to it

sometimes it's challenging to get started. not for any particular reason, but just cuz. like today...i have all kinds of raw materials waiting for me. beautiful pieces of art waiting to emerge. yet, even though i've been up since 6, i'm still here in front of the computer instead of working. how come?

i got to thinking about how many people dread mondays...& pray for the weekend to arrive. they spend their lives waiting for the weekend. huh? i used to do that too. hated mondays. prayed for the weekends. not anymore. now, every day is a new day...with nothing to make one better than the other except for how i use it. doesn't matter if today is monday or's a new day. a day for new creations. a day for new surprises. a day to LIVE!

so how come i'm still sitting here in my office? maybe, instead of 'worrying' over that, i could just tell my self..."ya know, everything is exactly as it should be. no worries. no clocks. just is." so if i say that to me, then it takes the pressure off. when the pressure is off, all manner of creativity rises up. what's wrong with that?

not a single thing. guess it's another opportunity for me to dial into the 'new me'. to clarify even more the path i've chosen. to appreciate the freedom i've finally granted my self.


that was easy!

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