Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh boy ~

sheesh! talk about flyin' time. i swear...i JUST got up a minute ago...& it's time for dinner??????? not kiddin' ya. where the heck did the day go? okay, so i managed to get a bunch of stuff made to put in my 'shop' (see post below!) & even got some admin stuff done too. but's freakin' 6:30 already! oh brother.

so, i'm thinkin' that the reason the time is flyin' by so fast is cuz i'm having fun. i mean, i remember when i worked the last 'job' i had, & it seemed like an 8.5 hour day took 2 weeks to pass. from the moment i'd arrive til my first 'break' was only 2 hours, but it seemed to take 10. was it cuz i wasn't having fun? you bet it was. it's that whole 'theory of relativity' thang. time does bend...& now we know why.

i've made up my mind that from here on out, i'm only gonna do stuff that i like doing. there won't ever be another dreaded monday morning or praying for friday to come. not gonna do it. the best part about this decision? i know it's all about what i 'see'. that's it. not about the economic climate or the unemployment stats or any other such nonsense. i said it before & i'll say it again:

there's a ton o'money out there & some of that is mine.
(yours too!)

so let's get happy, folks. get happy & do that thing that floats your boat & don't you dare doubt for a second. there's more than plenty to go around. all you gotta do is live the joy....& TRUST!

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