Wednesday, January 28, 2009

letting in all in

the funniest thing about letting go of stuff is that the moment ya do, everything seems to just fall right into place. it's weird. having been a 'control freak' for most of my life, now that i'm really working on that...letting go of all that...the more i do, the easier it gets to let go AND the easier everything else seems to be. i'm tellin' ya, it's weird. who knew???

well, apparently, lots of people know this. so maybe i'm just a little slow to the punch in that particular arena. but now that i'm getting the hang of it, it seems so silly that it took me so long. oh well. i guess that doesn't matter either. more and more i keep hearing this thing about "everything is exactly as it should be." the funny thing about that, is it used to be one of my favorite credos:

everything as it should be, when it should be.

wonder why i let that go? wonder why lots of stuff...but mostly, i'm in that awesome space of calm awareness. it's a bit different for me. the calm part. but i'm groovin' on it and thinking it's just about the most perfect place i could be. calm awareness. i like it. i like the stillness that sits in my belly. i like the way i can breathe my way through stuff now where before i'd hyperventilate myself into a frenzy. sheeeeeeeeeeesh! what a goof.

anyway, i'm having all this remarkable stuff happen lately...even though there've been some tough days...the remarkable stuff just keeps showing up. can't help but giggle at myself over it. every time i 'see' something else happen, i'm more and more convinced that the adage is so right on.

everything as it should be, when it should be.



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terri said...

thank you for the beautiful reminder!!