Thursday, January 29, 2009

how cool would it be?

there's this movie. it's about a guy who's a writer, not a very good one. one day he discovers that every thing he writes comes to be. in other words, he writes the 'script', and then it happens. as soon as he recovers from the shock of it, he begins to write his life as he wants it to be. not telling the rest. you'll have to see it for yourself. the point is....

how cool would it be if we could do that?

i got to thinking about all that & then remembered something i'd read. it was a sort of exercise to help you feel empowered about your life. broke out the book & found that part again. read through it & realized that it was a seed that had been planted long ago, but i'd forgotten where i planted it. so it didn't get nurtured into bloom. it just laid there, dormant, until i found it peeking it's little head up through the soil. wow. lookit that!

so i'm thinking that it would be really cool to do it...just to see what happens. because all i keep hearing in my head is:

who says you can't?


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