Saturday, January 31, 2009

just say it....

was having a webchat with my sis this morning...and she asked me how i was feeling. she's aware of the little (big???) journey i've been on for the past 20+ months, & she gets real concerned. she's so full of love...& she just wants her liveee to be okay.
so anyway, she asks me how i'm feeling and i say "good. really good." i can see in her eyes the question: "really?"

so i tell her that from now on, whenever someone asks, i'm gonna say "good" or "great" or "fantastic". because i know that if i say it, it IS. sound dumb? not to me. i have learned, over & over, that what i say always comes 'true'. if i say "man. it's gonna be a great day!" always is. flip side? "what a shitty freakin' day...". same thing goes. so, my words are my wand...and i intend to use them well.

today, i'm feeling terrific. the sun is shining, the critters are all right here with me, i have food in my belly & music in my head. i have lots of people who love me for real...and every single thing i need is right here at my disposal. why wouldn't i feel good????

all too often i hear people talking about all the things they wish they hadn't done...or said...or thought. every time i hear that stuff, i want to scream out:


but, of course, i don't scream at them. i just wait til they ask...& then i try to nudge them into a different perspective. like, how do you think you'd feel if you could actually wipe the slate clean & start all over? .... what makes you think you can't? baby steps, honey. it's all about baby steps.

cut loose the regrets...& the doubts...& the self-deprecation. it's of no use to you. nor is guilt or blame or wishing you could 'go back & change it'. ya can't. so drop it. start from where you are (here) with what you have (everything you need!) & make the choice to feel good now.

all the rest is just extra baggage ya don't need.
cut it LOOSE!


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