Monday, January 12, 2009

announcing the new woodwitch shop ~

finally did it! got the whole thing up and running, complete with banner (THANKS ZAKK!) and goodies to order. it's been so fun thus far...and i just know it's going to buzz. just thinking about it makes me want to run down to my shop and work some more...
and isn't that what it's all about????

i haveta say, it never would've occurred to me, had it not been for the whispers of a friend...and then more from other friends. like the entire universe is conspiring on my behalf....and how could i NOT hear it?

so here i am...on a brand new adventure with a whole new 'tude about what's HERE and what's coming. it's exciting and inspiring and ALL the things that i've thought about but didn't yet have the courage to do.

ah...such is life, yes?

go have a look, wontcha? it's a small inventory to date, but many more things will be added in the next couple of days...and then more...and more!

remember: support your local artisans (and forget all that assembly-line crapola!)

WoodWitch Enterprises Shop

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