Tuesday, January 13, 2009

let the river run

funny how lots of folks are so eager to give you their
yet, somehow, their lives are so....
i find this very fascinating, more than annoying, mostly cuz i know
the way i figure it, most folks would rather tell ya what to do
cuz they're too scared to handle their own stuff.
the ol' scary mirror thing.
like it's easier to look at what's wrong with you
than it is to see what's not right about themselves.
know what i mean?

take the whole money thing.
now, i know that there's all kindsa stuff being forced down our throats
about how "bad" the economy is
and how hard it is to find a job
and how it's only gonna get 'worse'.
i also know that most of that?
well, it's just the fat cats' way of keeping us 'under control'.
it's the fear factor.
so long as they keep us scared, we'll do whatever they tell us is the 'right thing to do' cuz how could we know better than 'they' do?

i call bullcrap.

i say who the hell are they anyway?
these fat cats who hold the cards are bluffing their way thru life
and we're buyin' it???
come on!

i say that there's all kindsa money rollin' around out there
and lots of it has my name on it.
i say there's a wealth of buyers...and spenders...and folks who are more than happy to open their wallets.
cuz if i didn't believe that i'd be better off working at burger king for minimum wage.
ya know?

anyway, the point is
i'm absolutelypositivelydowntothebone certain
that my work will 'sell itself'.
it's so obvious.
how could it not?
the pieces are filled with love & supergood energy.
there's only one me
& i know that's worth a bunch.
call it 'self-appreciation'
or plain old 'knowing'
one thing's for sure
if i don't value me
who else will?

i'm gonna let the river flow
i'm gonna sit back in my beautiful canoe
& let the stream carry me.
enjoy the ride.
stop paddling upstream.
just let go the oars
& cruise!

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