Friday, January 9, 2009

when magick happens~

was talking to my muse yesterday, tellin' her how it works.
the wood. it talks to me. and when i'm listening, it speaks so clearly that there's really no effort involved. i listen, it speaks, and the magick unfolds.
it's so .... hard to explain. really does happen.
it's when you get tuned in, everything seems so easy.
not like before.
back in that time when i was always thinkin' i had control.
what a silly goose. control? are you kiddin' me?
not even close.
cuz what i know now is that the magick only happens when you give it up.
you haveta give up all that crazy delusion...that you have control over everything.
it just ain't so. the only control i have is about how i feel.
all the rest....just plain ol' delusion...or is that illusion?
maybe they're kinda the same. or not.
whatever. all i know is that the moment i gave it up was the moment the magick came back.
'course, it's been there all along, i just forgot how to work it.
now...well, let's just say that everything i touch turns to gold.
so to speak.
i gave up all that controlling crap (or most of it, anyway) and then...
all the magick showed up.
fun. groovy. splendiferous magick.

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