Friday, December 19, 2008

wow ~

hadn't noticed it
until just a little while ago
and then it hit me...just like that.
i was working on a new piece, making it for a friend. i was holding her in my heart as i worked, thinkin' about her and her terrific guys
and all the love
had to stop for a bit...just to get up and stretch.
i forget to do that sometimes and then i'm all scrunched up and can't move
ICK. there i was, walking around the yard, stretchin' my bones and getting a little sunshine along the way...and that's when it hit me.

i started thinking about all the folks in my 'tribe'....the ones i've chosen to have in my world, as opposed to the ones who're 'supposed to be'. like blood relatives and such. so, i'm thinking about my tribe and marveling at all the different 'colors' of each of them...and all of a sudden...

they're all artists. every single one of 'em. and they all do different stuff. painters and poets and writers and jewelers and metal workers and potters...and more! how fantastic! how weird. how utterly perfect.

not just cuz they're artists...but cuz they believe me to be one too. i guess that was the biggest 'wow'. it took me a long, long time...but i get it. even tho i've 'tried' a little of this and a little of that...i never really believed it. i never really believed that i AM. now, after all this time and all the love that's just pouring out to i get it.


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