Friday, December 19, 2008

slow down and taste the cookies ~

you know what I wish? I wish people would slow down just a bit. I wish they'd see that "the hurrier they go, the behinder they get". my daddy used to say that all the time. i thought he was nuts. now i get it.

i wish people would turn off their cell phones and palm pilots and all the rest of the stuff that's supposed to make our lives better....but don't....and just turn the world off for a while. cuz i'm thinkin' that if folks would do this, they'd be less stressed and more agreeable to the joys of the season. ya know?

course, if i were god...i'd make this a rule. i'd say, "okay you goofy humans. now's the time to slow it down. take a load off. sing some carols. bake some cookies. have some fun!"

i'm not god. (try tellin' that to my cat!) well, maybe i am god...but only in my world. who knows. anyway, point is i can't make the peoples slow down. all i can do is slow my own self down and enjoy the magick. maybe folks will tune into it. maybe just cuz i've slowed down it'll rub off on some of 'em. maybe.

maybe not. maybe i'm just as silly to wish for it as they are for runnin' around like chickens with their heads cut off. maybe this little dreamer won't make a world of difference to a world that's indiffernt.

then again....

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